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Dr. Lila Stone runs a successful orthopedic practice by day, but at night she lives a secret double life. When her surgical patients mysteriously develop deadly infections, and the chief of surgery revokes her privileges she is forced to face her inner demons and enter rehab.  But on the day she checks in, she discovers that she has become a victim too and must return home to work with the police.  Was her secret double life to blame for the sickness and death of her patients or was someone exacting revenge?

Lila’s complicated life, filled with highs, lows and designer clothes will take you on a wild ride into the intimate psyche of a woman who wants it all, but may not be ready to have it all.

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 © 2017

© 2017

Hanna Smith was diagnosed with Leukemia at age six and was in and out of remission four times by age thirteen. Her father, Dr. Jason Smith, an underachieving insurance company medical director who is plagued with severe panic attacks, learns about a new medication that has a high remission rate in adults with the same diagnosis. But the medication is not FDA approved for children. 

Jason's desires to find a cure for his daughter's illness takes him on a unexpected, violent criminal path that tests the boundaries of his career and marriage, and jeopardizes his sanity. But will he finally be successful in saving his daughter, and at what cost?

From debut Author Wendy Weiss, comes a disturbing, psychological thriller about a desperate man, that takes you on an intense journey up and down the Southwest Florida coastline.

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