‘Tis the Season for Depression

In my novel DETACHED, Dr. Jason Smith suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, which leads to his Detachment Disorder.  When left untreated, Depression and Anxiety can become debilitating.

It’s difficult to understand why someone would be depressed during the holiday season, but the facts tell us that it’s a prevalent issue.  People that live in the northern states are subject to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), while others with Social Anxiety Disorder find it difficult to enjoy large family events or work-place holiday parties.

f you or someone you know become sad or withdrawn during the holidays, there are strategies to help alleviate some of the systems.

First, make sure you or your loved one has a strong support system.  It’s not their fault they are suffering. Be sympathetic, and avoid forcing them into social situations they are not comfortable with.  

Have gatherings with a shorter guest list small, including only those that you or your loved one is comfortable with, and make sure they have a set time to end.

Be outside in the sun as much as possible, or consider purchasing a light therapy device.  Exposure to light, especially fluorescent light can offer a significant improvement for people with SAD. Exercise improves depression to get out for a walk and enjoy the holiday lights!

Happy Holidays to all, and please take time to read a good book! 

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