How Do You Measure Success?

When I was younger, I measured success through my three sons.  They made it through elementary school, then middle school and finally high school and college. It was quite an achievement as a parent.

In the meantime, as I matured along with my boys, I started to develop my own goals.  I wanted to leave the business world and become a nurse, and I wanted to be creative, though I didn't know exactly how. 

It takes years to grow "into your own", even when you are already an adult.  I look at my three adult sons now, one with a family of his own, and I still see a little boy. He has so much to learn, as do his brothers, as do I! 

We are all learning and growing no matter how old we are, and each phase of our life presents its challenges and measurements of success.

Today, I measure success by delivering to you a "good read." It's that simple. 

Thank you for supporting my success, and I wish you all the best in achieving your success!